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Releasing on MAY 1st. The next big song from Carlos C Major - CAMINANDO VOY

CARLOS C MAJOR has been working with amazing Aria award winning Director JAMES CHAPPELL & great friend and video producer NIC GODOY from Panavision Australia on this amazing new video clip for his New Latin Single. The Caminando Voy Video clip took about 3 months in the making. The Latin song was recorded and mixed back in August 2019 by Andro Martinez from Martinez Productions. Later mastered by Darren Ziesing in 2020. This song was also a semifinalist in the ISC 'international songwriting competition'. THIS IS A VERY SPECIAL SONG Video Credits

Director/Producer: James Chappell

DOP/Producer: Nic Godoy

Executive Producer: Carlos Velazquez

Editor: Brad Hurt

Colorist: Matt Fezz

1st AC: Carolina Izquierdo Duarte

2nd AC: Chantal Jack

Steadicam: Jonathan Baker

Drone: Heliguy

Drone Operators:

Guy Alexander

Nathan Richards

Dave Svec

Camilo Jimenez

Production Manager: Ryan DeSilva

Stunt Coordinator: Igor Breakenback

Stunt Assistant Coordinator: Warren Coulton

Production Assistant: Mitchel J Kemmis

Make Up: Carla Lopez

Behind The Scenes: Andre + Dominique

Photographer: Aaron Lyon


Ariel Gallo

Mariano Gallo

Coco Mier

Iggy Mier

Johnny Velazquez

Nicholas Kontonis Walther Cheeky Gutierrez

Danny Sanz

Ricky Cancino

Vyvy Olivares

Ezra Olivares

Cruz Velazquez

Diaz Velazquez

Janet Velazquez

Sabrina Lenci Velazquez

Nathalie Velazquez

Noah Velazquez

Song credits

Written and arranged by: Carlos Velazquez

Studio Engineer/Mixer: Andro Martinez

Masterer: Darren Ziesing

Sound design: Myles from Song Zu


Bass: Cesar Marin

Piano/Rhodes: Carlos Velazquez

Timbales: Dom Kirk

Congas: Steve Marin

Percussion: Carlos Velazquez

Violin/Viola: Simon Ranguis

Trumpet: Marty Farrugia

Trombone: Mike Raper

Backing Vocals: Leonardo Velazquez

& Johnny Velazquez

Special Thanks to: Saxon Strausz, Panavision Australia, Texas Productions, Propco, Royal National Park, Portuguese Madeira Club, Kiama Municipal Council, Southerland Shire Council.

Dedicado a Dios. Thank you to everyone involved and can't wait to see this out in the world.

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