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Get Carlos C Major to perform for you... LIVE!


Be prepared to be taken on a musical journey!


CARLOS C MAJOR has been performing LIVE with amazing musicians, stage shows, musicals and Solo/Duo performances around the country for over 15 years.

With sharp confidence, and his suave and fun charisma, he delivers a powerful performance – EVERY TIME!


 - C MAJOR is ready to go international. He needs to be seen"

- Ricky Martin

 - You cannot help but engage in his electric vibe” - Will.I.Am


 - CARLOS C MAJOR is a Crazy Artist - Guy Sebastian

- CARLOS has an incredible talent - Boy George

 - CARLOS, you can sing your face off - Kelly Rowland

CARLOS C MAJOR has the best sounding and most energetic live show in the country. His band ‘Veneno’ consists of some of Sydney’s best musicians.

He has a show fit for ANY event or function with a mixture of cover mash-ups and his original flavour to get everybody on the dance floor.



Carlos C Major 

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