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VENENO releases their long awaited album 'AY CARAMBA' - full of energetic Afro/Latin rhythms, melodic musical arrangements and cheeky lyrics. Also, they celebrated their 20th year Anniversary. C MAJOR and VENENO are the perfect combination for a musically insane energetic show! Together they have toured internationally since 2008, creating crazy and energetic performances and keeping crowds thoroughly entertained. Their upcoming album is a compilation of their all-time BEST ORIGINAL SONGS. “We have lots of fans who have been asking to hear our original songs recorded, so we have decided to record a NEW LIVE ALBUM... Th launch was held at THE FACTORY THEATRE in Marrickville Sydney and was jam packed. The launch night was called FIESTA AT THE FACTORY - an extravaganza of LIVE Authentic and Original Latino music. VENENO came together their friends and family to join in the madness of launching their super fun and captivating album. 'Ay Caramba'.

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